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General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Gets A Redo Of Nikolas’ Story, Wakes Up With Amnesia?


General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Gets A Redo Of Nikolas’ Story, Wakes Up With Amnesia?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) could get a redo of his father Nikolas Cassadine’s (Adam Huss) story from the past.

Once, Nikolas went missing and had amnesia, and a woman named Mary Bishop (Catherine Wadkins) thought he was her husband, brainwashed him and held him captive!

General Hospital Spoilers: To Make A Long Story Short—

To make a long story short, Mary Bishop’s late husband Connor Bishop (Tyler Christopher) could have been Nikolas’ twin.

He was killed in action in the war in Iraq in 1998 and she, like Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is now, was in deep grief.

However, Mary wasn’t quite stable and when Nikolas was in a car accident near her home and wandered onto her porch, disoriented, she thought he was Connor.

Nikolas had collapsed on Mary’s doorstep and she pulled him inside her house. When he came to, she told him she was his wife-he had amnesia, and didn’t remember anything, not even Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) his fiancée at the time.

GH Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine’s Family Searched For him

While Mary told Nikolas about his life as Colton, his family was searching for him and Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) showed up at her door.

He had a photo of Nikolas he showed her but she lied and said she hadn’t seen him-he was presumed dead when his jacket was found near a river. Mary had put it there to throw the family and other searchers off the track-so like Spencer, Nikolas was assumed to have washed out to sea.

Nikolas overheard and accused her of lying to him and she told him he fled Iraq and was hiding out from the military police.

General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Gets A Redo Of Nikolas’ Story, Wakes Up With Amnesia?

Nikolas snuck out of the cottage unseen and went to the riverbank hoping he’d remember something but didn’t; Emily was there searching but the two didn’t see each other. He kept asking questions and she kept filling him in on Connor’s life and memories, even though Emily had come to the cabin looking for him several times.

General Hospital Spoilers: It Took Several Months For The Truth To Come Out

It took several months for the truth to come out, Nikolas to get his memories back and be reunited with Emily and the rest of his family.

Like Nikolas, chances are it will take several months before Spencer is found and either returns on his own or is rescued when someone starts searching again-probably Trina. For now, she may be in such despair that she’s given up hope but that could change later.

As for Spencer, he may find himself in a situation similar to his father’s with Mary, someone else mistaking him for their loved one and complicating things. But eventually, as with Nikolas and Emily, Spencer and Trina will be reunited.

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