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What Was The Point Of General Hospital’s Adam?


What Was The Point Of General Hospital's Adam?

General Hospital has made some bewildering moves over the last year, but few are as puzzling as introducing a compelling new character with no ties to the canvas and then ending his story in the blink of an eye.

Adam Went From Creepy To Compelling

When Adam Wright (played by Maurice Benard’s son Joshua Benard) was first introduced to the Port Charles scene, he was just a sleazy classmate of Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) who saw the revenge porn video Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) made of Josslyn and Cameron Webber’s (William Lipton) first time having sex.

He thought Josslyn was an easy score, but she set the record straight immediately.

Months later, Adam was back to apologize to Josslyn for his creepy behavior and they formed a tentative truce. When Adam became the kid across the hall in Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) and Josslyn’s dorm, many fans thought he might become a stalker, but we soon learned Adam had other problems.

Adam morphed into a neurotic pre-med student afraid of his family and fearful of getting any grade below an A. By the time Josslyn found him on a park bench drunk after swallowing a pack of cold medicine, we realized just how deep Adam’s issues went since he was willing to take his own life.

What Was The Point Of General Hospital's Adam?

Adam Could Have Been A Major Player

Many fans felt for Adam and wanted to know more about his plight. We also wanted to see if he had a connection to anyone else on the canvas, but nope.

Once he recovered from his suicide attempt, his story ended in a flash. In fact, nobody knew that Adam would be no more until news broke on February 2 that his last air date was February 1.

Say what? Seriously, why did GH waste so much air time on a character with no real ties to anyone in Port Charles who would soon be gone?

If they weren’t planning on developing his story more, why give him a plot that seemed to be front burner for a while? GH has offered us way too many pointless plots over the last five years, but this one is the biggest head-scratcher of all.

Tune into General Hospital weekdays on ABC to see if Adam ever appears again.

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