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General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Curious — Will Tracy Fall for Martin?


General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Curious — Will Tracy Fall for Martin?General Hospital Spoilers spill Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) looked nothing like herself when she slinked over toward Martin ‘Marty’ Grey (Michael E. Knight) and confessed it was all her fault that he broke things off with Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) — the love of his life.

Marty might have realized the error of his ways, but it was all too late. Lucy moved right on — and into Scott Baldwin’s (Kin Shriner) arms — in a matter of minutes.

When Tracy learns that her scheme to get Marty ticked at Lucy wasn’t that far off the mark after all, will she come clean with Marty about what Lucy and Scott have been up to?

If so, will this serve to bond Tracy and Marty as they decide to dish up a helping of revenge on Scott and Lucy? Will that lead to more?

General Hospital Spoilers — One Scheme After Another

Tracy was beside herself watching Marty struggle with his grief. She could see the pain wash over his face, and she knew it was her fault.

Sure, Lucy was, in fact, spending a lot of time with her ex. Marty wasn’t wrong about that. But Tracy led him to think there was more to the story than there was.

Tracy told Marty the truth hoping it would give him the space to make up with Lucy. She never imagined he would find Lucy making out with someone else.

While Lucy may have delighted in Lucy’s plight as she found out what happened, she won’t share the same feelings in front of Marty’s face. Instead, Tracy and Marty just might concoct their own scheme in return.

GH Spoilers Claim Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Tracy would love nothing more than to make Lucy squirm. She is elated that she played any role in helping Lucy make the bed that she now has to lie in.

While she isn’t going to rejoice in Marty’s plight, she might find his take on the matter a refreshing change from the way he was treating her before.

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Curious — Will Tracy Fall for Martin?

Suddenly, Marty might embrace the taste for vengeance that Tracy can’t seem to shake. Rumor has it these two just might link up to teach Scott and Lucy a lesson — by pretending they’re falling for each other in light of Lucy’s break-up with Marty.

General Hospital Spoilers — It’s Only Just Pretend, Right?

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned in these cases. What are the odds that Marty and Tracy might really fall for each other — leaving Scott and Lucy in the dust?

Obviously, Scott won’t care about losing Tracy, per se, since he was playing games the whole time. But Lucy will be shattered watching Marty move on — and seeing him getting close to her worst enemy might break her.

We can bet that Scott will be there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, but it might not pan out the way he hoped — with Lucy in his arms.

Is Marty about to become yet another man in Lucy’s past who got away? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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