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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Accusations Fly As Brooke And Taylor Get Real With Each Other About Ridge


The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Accusations Fly As Brooke And Taylor Get Real With Each Other About RidgeThe Bold and The Beautiful spoilers and updates tease accusations will fly as Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) get real with each other. The subject of their confrontation of course will be Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and both will say the other broke their pact!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Blameshifting Bingo?

Brooke and Taylor could as well be playing blameshifting bingo the way they sling accusations at each other. Brooke complains Taylor tried to steal Ridge from her and Taylor accuses Brooke of the same. The same old story is spun as was before the trip to Rome, that Taylor was trying to fix Brooke up with someone else so she could get at Ridge.

Another thing grinding on Taylor’s nerves, as has done on Ridge’s also in the past, is Brooke’s refusal to accept Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) is safe. If he wasn’t, he would have taken advantage of Hope Spencer’s (Annika Noelle) attraction to him-and Brooke spins that around too!

B & B Spoilers: Dirty Tricks

The women continue to accuse each other of dirty tricks employed behind the other’s back with the end game of the prize of Ridge! The same old rivalry they both wanted to leave behind not six months ago is fired up again, and it’s even worse because the two former friends have hurt each other.

Pretty soon, the claws are bound to come out because Taylor and Brooke’s argument continues to intensify, and it just gets more and more ugly. Even Taylor gets ugly, warning Brooke not to cheat on Ridge and hurt him like she always does when she gets bored-she remembers well what she was called by Ridge’s mother! But she doesn’t let on to Brooke or anyone the ugly crying she’s been doing when she’s alone, focusing on the grandchildren and getting to know Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) better.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eternal Love Or Infernal Lie

Taylor has to wonder whether Rome brought Ridge and Brooke an internal love or an infernal lie, knowing Brooke has a romance addiction. That’s why she always tires of Ridge after a while and is drawn away by someone who can provide more excitement. As for Ridge, he like all of Brooke’s conquests are guilty of thinking with something lower than their brains!

Taylor is the one to end the argument between herself and Brooke, tiring of talking about the same old thing and it never changing. She tells her “see you next Tuesday” and goes back home.

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