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General Hospital Spoilers: Molly and TJ Will Come to Regret Not Accepting Kristina’s Help


General Hospital Spoilers: Molly and TJ Will Come to Regret Not Accepting Kristina’s HelpGeneral Hospital spoilers tease Molly Lansing Davis (Brooke Anne Smith) and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) are both finally on the same page.

They want to have a baby together and want to do so as soon as possible. Meeting with the surrogacy agency was just the first step of many that they’ll take together as they eagerly await whatever the future holds for them.

The only thing they can be sure of is what they do not want — and that’s having Kristina Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) as any part of it.

They might think they’re in for smooth sailing from here on out and couldn’t possibly come to regret that decision, but it could come back to bite them.

General Hospital Spoilers — No, Thanks Kristina

Initially, TJ and Molly both thought the first step was meeting the surrogacy agency, and that the second would be surveying their options for egg donation and surrogacy.

But given that Kristina walked in on their appointment with the surrogacy agent so abruptly, it’s likely Molly will have to explain to Kristina what was going on and why she is once again so angry with her.

Telling her sister that they have decided to pursue parenthood in this non-traditional way — but that they don’t want her help with it at all — isn’t going to be easy, at least not for Kristina to hear.

GH Spoilers Leak A Surrogate Comes to Town

Molly will be eager to move past the dysfunction and hurt feelings with Kristina to a happier place of meeting their pick for surrogacy.

Feeling things out with an informal interview might be the first of many steps before TJ and Molly can settle on someone for certain.

General Hospital Spoilers: Molly and TJ Will Come to Regret Not Accepting Kristina’s Help

Knowing their surrogate has experience could give them some reassurance that nothing will go wrong, but there are no guarantees — and people in Port Charles tend to have rather controversial experiences when someone else is carrying their child. Will their perfect pick turn out to be anything but that?

General Hospital Spoilers — Distance May Not Make Their Hearts Grow Fonder

Rumor has it Molly and TJ may adore their pick for egg donation and surrogacy right up until things go horribly awry.

It’s too soon to know just how things will go off the rails, but some fans are wondering if Kristina could be so hurt and traumatized by her sister’s rejection of her that she tries to kidnap or harm their surrogate.

It’s also possible that she may get wrapped up with some rather unsavory people as she pursues launching her new shelter — and they might do her bidding.

But Kristina may not have to be a guilty party at all if the surrogate decides for herself that she wants to disappear with TJ’s biological baby on board.

Will TJ and Molly end up regretting pushing Kristina aside for someone they thought was a better pick? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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