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General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Isn’t Ready to Call Curtis Dad — But She Does Want to Know Him That Way


General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Isn’t Ready to Call Curtis Dad — But She Does Want to Know Him That WayGeneral Hospital Spoilers tease Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) really called Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) to task when she said she wasn’t ready to call Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) her dad, yet. That one word changed everything. Trina was forced to acknowledge that she might get to that point, eventually.

In the meantime, she’s looking forward to getting to know Curtis in a way she hadn’t as her stepfather. Curtis’ birthday may already bring some sentimental moments with it, but Father’s Day is just around the corner and it could be awkward for Trina to navigate. Curtis is going to go above and beyond for her to make sure it isn’t. Is this the start of them forming a real daddy-daughter bond?

General Hospital Spoilers — Curtis is Ready for Fatherhood

Months ago, we saw Curtis give Trina some stern advice about how to protect herself, and she clapped back that she already had a father and wasn’t looking for another — a sentiment she has reiterated since then, even after finding out Curtis is actually her biological father. Despite the bumps in the road that made it hard for them to come together at times, and the pain of finding out their lives were going to be turned upside down by their surprise relation, Curtis feels beyond blessed to have a shot at being Trina’s dad — in whatever capacity she wants him to be.

GH Spoilers Say Trina Has Questions

Learning that Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) was not her biological dad really cut Trina deep. But she’s healing, or at least starting to. She knows the pain won’t last forever and that the only way to move forward is to give this her best shot — kind of like Curtis is with his marriage to Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr). Trina loves genealogical research -/ a hobby she discovered during a high school research project. When she starts asking questions about Curtis’ childhood and family history, coming to accept it as her own, it’s going to go a long way in bridging the distance between these two.

General Hospital Spoilers — Where Does This Leave Marcus?

Of course, the closer Trina grows to Curtis, the more that Marcus is going to feel like he is losing his baby girl. How can he hold on to the love he has shared with a girl who has just found out her real father has much to share with her to fill up her time?

How will Trina sugarcoat the deepening closeness of her relationship with Curtis when she’s with Marcus? The last thing she wants to do is hurt Taggert but it seems like there is no way out of the situation without doing just that. Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers up ahead.

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