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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Romance on the Horizon for Stella and Marshall?


General Hospital Spoilers: Is Romance on the Horizon for Stella and Marshall?

General Hospital Spoilers suggest Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) and Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) had a rather interesting moment on the terrace on Christmas Eve.

Neither of them appeared to be expecting the sizzle between them as they hugged and locked eyes, but the fans were here for it — and have been for some time.

Stella has been a long-enough-standing member of the community now, but she’s always everyone else’s support person.

For once, we want to see someone in her corner — and to an extent, Marshall has been that person. Since he came back to town, they’ve shared secrets and feelings that stem back a great many years.

They managed to remain respectful of each other even when they didn’t agree, and they still felt like family from the very moment they picked back up where things left off.

But now, it appears they may be feeling something a bit deeper than that.

General Hospital Spoilers — Stella is Everyone’s Rock

Stella is always there in a pinch. Whoever needs her, she arrives early and gets to work. She can read the look on a person’s face in less than a minute and knows when something is wrong that one of her loved ones just refuses to deal with. A frequent sounding board for her family,

Stella is going to need to bend someone’s ear about her budding feelings for Marshall. Will she find the right friend to confide in without leaving Marshall in the lurch and heading across the pond to confess her feelings to her cousin?

GH Spoilers Say Marshall is Moving On

It didn’t take Marshall long after arriving in Port Charles and settling his relationship with his son, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), to find himself attracted to Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy).

Her death left a lasting mark on him, and Stella has been there every step of the way since to encourage him through the grieving process. Is there anyone better to have on his side than her?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Romance on the Horizon for Stella and Marshall?

She often appears to be a counselor more so than a patient advocate. Now, it looks like Marshall may be ready to move on from the unfinished business he had cut short with Epiphany, and into a new relationship with Stella. But will everyone else be on board with that?

General Hospital Spoilers — Family Ties

Stella and Marshall are both likely to dodge their feelings for one another for some time. We see this storyline being dragged out for a while as they both acclimate to how they’re feeling and even then, they’ll worry that the family won’t accept it.

They could fight their emotions just out of respect for Curtis, who may not like that his father is romantically interested in his late mother’s sister.

Although Stella has been like a mom to Curtis for years, his loyalty to his mother has never wavered.

However, as Curtis’ mom continues to make appearances from the great beyond, we have to question whether she’ll play a role in making all of them more comfortable with what is transpiring between Stella and Marshall.

Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers to see how this shakes out in the new year.

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