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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew May Be Back, But Carly is Headed to Amsterdam!


General Hospital Spoilers: Drew May Be Back, But Carly is Headed to Amsterdam!General Hospital spoilers report Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is safely back on American soil, and it sounds like his trip to Australia made for a fairly bumpy ride.

Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) couldn’t help but notice how out of sorts Drew was on New Year’s Eve. She didn’t hesitate to tell him she was concerned that he wasn’t quite acting like himself.

But Drew asserted that it hasn’t got him anywhere good playing Mr. Nice Guy. He’s done bowing down to the Quartermaine family and being the peacekeeper all the time when it doesn’t serve him at all to do so.

But Carly was careful to mention that she loves the kind and gentle soul Drew is, and doesn’t necessarily want him to change that — especially not out of bitterness and spite.

Unfortunately, moments later, Carly got the news that her mother was dead. Now, she’ll soon be headed to Amsterdam, where Bobbie Spencer (Jaclyn Zeman) died, and Drew will continue to morph into someone else while she’s gone.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew May Be Back, But Carly is Headed to Amsterdam!

General Hospital Spoilers — Drew Cain Isn’t Himself

Carly wasn’t off the mark, and Drew knew it right away. He jumped to his own defense, letting her know it was not an accident or something he was unaware of.

Yes, his behavior has changed. Losing his patience when closing a deal and nearly botching the whole thing is completely out of character for him.

But not only was he honest about doing it on purpose, he was proud of it and showing no signs of reverting to the guy he used to be. Is that going to be a problem for Carly — who has grown a fondness for Drew’s soft and gentle nature?

GH Spoilers Leak Intel Takes Carly to Amsterdam

On the heels of learning Bobbie has died, Carly is struggling with the thought of her coming home alone, but not nearly as much as she will be struggling after the funeral.

When someone gives Carly and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) information that points to foul play, Carly may begin to wonder what her mom was up to just before she died — and how it may have played a role in Bobbie’s death.

Rumor has it Felicia and Carly are headed to Amsterdam soon, and that may give Drew entirely too much time to continue down the path he’s currently on. Will Carly even recognize him when she comes back to Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers — A Change is Gonna Come

When Carly comes back to town with the weight of the world on her shoulders after losing her mom, she’s going to need to be able to rely on Drew.

But the man she left behind who was committed to being her rock may look more like a man who needs to be committed to Shady Brook at that point. Will Drew continue to spiral without Carly around to keep him in check?

Will Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) be able to rein him in, or might her inclination to disagree with him only push him further to the brink? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers to find out.

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