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General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Past Will Come to Light Just as Anna’s Did, Along with His Childhood Secret


General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Past Will Come to Light Just as Anna’s Did, Along with His Childhood SecretGeneral Hospital spoilers tease Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) past is coming back to haunt him. In the wake of Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) arrest and exposure as a double agent, Dante’s days of keeping his own secrets hidden may be numbered. As rumors swirl, fans are left wondering if Dante’s past with the WSB will cost him everything, including his future with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Dante never intended to become such a pawn in the WSB’s games, but that he was.

Brainwashed and manipulated into carrying out some rather horrific operations, it’s taken him years to bounce back from what the covert government agency did to him. Much of what transpired during Dante’s captivity with the WSB remains shrouded in mystery, but not quite as secretive as what lurks farther back — in his childhood. Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) was his closest pal and willing to take the heat for Dante at the time. Maybe they knew only one of them was ever going to really make something of themselves. Either way, when the truth about Dante’s career comes out, it’ll start with what he was really up to all those years ago when he was “just a kid.”

General Hospital Spoilers — Sam and Dante are Over

The truth about his years working for the WSB are just the tip of the iceberg that Dante is about to crash into. Additional information will reveal that Dante and Cody share a secret that spans decades. Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) was once tasked with uncovering Cody’s juvenile rap sheet, but he was relieved of that duty just before he could expose the truth.

Now, with Cody trying to build a new life in Port Charles, the revelation of his past crimes may lead him to implicate Dante, who escaped the consequences of his action only by allowing Cody to take the blame for him. This revelation could have a profound impact on the way Sam sees Dante, forcing her to question everything she thought she knew about him. Moreover, it could also impact the way she sees Cody. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all?

GH Spoilers Suggest Cody Moves in on Dante’s Woman

Cody and Sam are already working together — and doing so behind Dante’s back. Of course, they both have good intentions; they don’t want to compromise him. After all, he is a police officer. But learning that Cody actually has feelings and wants to clean up his act has helped Sam to really come to admire Cody’s efforts. She’s been there — a reformed con artist just trying to stabilize and make a good name for herself. Where would she be if people like Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) hadn’t taken a chance on her? When Sam starts to see Cody in a more favorable light, and subsequently learns she’s been lied to this whole time by Dante, will she find comfort in Cody’s arms?

General Hospital Spoilers — Dante’s Career Could Go Up in Flames

Facing the potential downfall of his life as he knows it, Dante will turn to the one person he never thought he would need –- his father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). If anyone can make this mess go away or ensure that the PCPD doesn’t learn about what Dante has done, it’s Sonny. Just how far into the right side of the law does his long and powerful arm reach, though? Moreover, how far is he willing to go to help Dante, and what might he come to expect from his son in return? A turned cheek, perhaps? Keep coming back for more GH news and spoilers, right here, every day.

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