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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Everything to Know About MAJOR Recast, Jen Lilley Out & Emily O’Brien in as Theresa Donovan


Days of our Lives Spoilers: Everything to Know About MAJOR Recast, Jen Lilley Out & Emily O’Brien in as Theresa Donovan

Days of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers are now official: Emily O’Brien, who plays Gwen Rizczech, is now playing the role of Theresa Donovan.

Hallmark star Jen Lilley previously told fans that she would not be staying as long as she thought in her current stint, and now the show’s credits confirm that O’Brien is the new Theresa.

Most fans had already assumed this, as it’s hard to keep a secret this big. The October 2 episode cast credits confirmed that O’Brien is now appearing as Theresa and according to Hollywood Life, she will appear as Gwen and Theresa.

DOOL spoilers: Theresa Being Played by Emily O’Brien

Lilly told Soaps.com this about O’Brien taking over her role: “That poor girl has had to have conversations with me. How horrible she must have felt!” She added that she gave O’Brien a hug and said: “That must be so awkward for you.”

The departing actress added that the situation was “just not handled the right way … Everybody was mad, because everybody was kind of lied to.”

Lilley also had a stint in 2011 on ABC’s General Hospital as Maxie Jones when Kirsten Storms was unavailable. Of being a recast she said “It was horrible with the fans.”

Of her current situation she stated that she is concerned for O’Brien, and noted that she will finish what would have been a three-month stay for Lilley. She added “You could not do something more unkind to a recast.”

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Everything to Know About MAJOR Recast, Jen Lilley Out & Emily O’Brien in as Theresa Donovan

Days of our Lives spoilers: Emily O’Brien is Now Theresa

Lilly appeared off and on as Theresa since 2013. O’Brien has played Gwen Rizczech since 2020. Some fans will remember O’Brien from her The Young and the Restless role as Jana Hawkes.

She debuted on the CBS sudser in 2006 which was her daytime debut. She did a remarkable job of portraying a character with a lot of nuances until Jana was killed off in 2011.

Days of our Lives spoilers: Jen Lilley is out as Theresa

In addition to her busy acting life, O’Brien is a voice actress. Her credits include the Netflix animated series Love, Death and Robots as well as the video games League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, and Batman: The Enemy Within.

Now it’s your turn DOOL fans, tell us what you think of this switcheroo situation involving the character of Theresa Donovan!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Sandi Beach says

    Sorry, Jen Liley was supposed to be on lots longer & old Alan (who has been let go), cut Jen’s part & installed Gwen as her! AWFUL recast! Gwen & Teresa are NOTHING alike! Nothing…….! Can’t get over what a rotten choice this was! Nothing against Emily, BUT her personality is Not the same as Teresa’s at all!

  2. Grace loyd says

    They should have kept her as gwen and wrote another story for her . She is the best one on days next to nickole.

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